Political art

The white project
The white project is a short movie about guilt that appears when you are doing well in life.
Year 2014
Length 4.2 min
Format 16:9

The project Expansionism is about body and limits. It is a calculation of how much LESS space the swedish population now has because of my weight gain.
Here presented at Metáfora artschool in Barcelona.


Möten med Arbetsförmedlingen
The book ”Möten med Arbetsförmedlingen”, (eng. Meetings with the employment office), is a fictional biography containing all my meetings with the swedish employment office during the years 1997-2014. The piece consists of a book with the same text repeated 150 times. The only thing that differs is the dates and the places for the meetings.


Misc art

Abstract landscapes – glass cards
Glass cards of 5 of the motifs from my ”Abstract Landscapes” series. Limited edition with 10 pieces of each card. Signed and numbered.


Fish mural
The Fish mural is a wallpainting measuring aproximately 2,50 x 5 meters.


Digital art

Made by code
Css is used when you create styling for websites – but you can also draw shapes with it. The pictures below are made with Css.


Glitch Art
Glitch Art is when you willingly create artefacts in your media files. There are many ways to create glitches and the outcome is hard to control.
The finished artwork is half made by woman and half by machine!